August 2011

Industry Engagement to Advance Multicultural Digital Entrepreneurship and Business Development Opportunities in Broadband and the High Tech Sector: A Look at Comcast and Verizon

August 7, 2011

Tweet This article continues our series on government and corporate industry engagement. Look for the Part III of the series next week! There are approximately two billion Internet users worldwide, and the Internet makes up 20 percent of the gross national product of most mature countries. While companies like Comcast and Verizon are competing for […]

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Norway’s Tragedy and Norway’s Lesson for Us All

August 4, 2011

Tweet With the first bit of shocking news, the horror of Oslo became an instant piece of history in our modern world. How did a nation where terrorism is nonexistent and gun violence is low erupt with a massive explosion in its capital and an armed madman hunting down children and shooting them dead? We […]

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MMTC Publishes Book on How America Can Obtain Universal Broadband Adoption

August 2, 2011

Tweet MMTC, in conjunction with its Broadband and Social Justice (BBSJ) Blog, compiled a book of blog posts dedicated to universal broadband adoption. The publication, entitled Universal Broadband Adoption: How To Get There, And Why America Needs It¸ was released during MMTC’s Access to Capital and Telecom Policy Conference. Universal Broadband Adoption captures many of […]

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