by mmtcbbsj on October 26, 2011

MMTC released the following press statement on October 25.

The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) commends the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) for today’s announcement that it has adopted a non-discrimination media vendor policy and complaint review process. This historic achievement will directly combat the invidious “No Urban” and “No Spanish Dictates” that cost minority broadcasters millions of dollars annually.

MMTC understands that 4A’s new policy will extend to all media, including broadcast, print, cable, and online advertising.

Historically, MMTC has served as both a watchdog of industry practices and a conduit by which whistleblowers anonymously reported advertisers that appeared to be discriminating against minority media because of the race of their audiences. MMTC will continue to serve in these capacities and the new Media Vendor Policy will not change MMTC’s roles.

We look forward to the success of the 4A’s policy, and hope that in time it will be expanded to encompass other market distorting practices, such as racial discrimination that manifests itself in rates and contract terms.

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  • Gunter

    It’s really mind-boggling when you actually stop to consider the fact that these practices still go one. And I bet you the arbiters of these practices SWEAR they’re not racist (it’s a dirty word thee days). MOST if not ALL of us are prejudiced in some way. But you should NOT discriminate against people due to your preconceived notions. I’m so happy there are groups and watchdogs out there that put policies into place to stop this kind of thing from happening.

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