January 2012

The Minority Media and Telecom Council (MMTC) Presents the Third Annual Broadband & Social Justice Policy Summit #BBSJ2012

January 14, 2012

Tweet Washington, DC’s Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) will convene some of the nation’s most noted leaders on broadband policy, telecommunications, and social justice to “Bridge The Digital Divide” at its 3rd Annual Broadband & Social Justice Summit. WASHINGTON, DC, 1/13/2012 – The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) created the Broadband and Social […]

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African Americans Still Face Glass Ceiling in Silicon Valley

January 13, 2012

Tweet Black computer workers in Santa Clara County, CA and King County, WA make an average salary of more than $11,000 per month, but neither of the tech hubs ranks among the top 60 counties by the number of African-American tech workers. John William Templeton, author of the 11th annual Silicon Ceiling: Equal Opportunity and […]

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A Vital Lifeline

January 12, 2012

Tweet Probably only telecom groupies realize the monumental efforts of the FCC over the past year to reform the $7 billion dollar Universal Service Fund (USF). The effort culminated in a voluminous order focused on the High Cost Fund that was adopted on November 18, 2011. And, while there will certainly be legal challenges to […]

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Virtual Job Fairs Virtually Inaccessible to Millions

January 11, 2012

Tweet The One Economy campaign to extend broadband Internet access to every household is all about economic opportunities. The World Wide Web can create untold numbers of business successes, but because access is not yet universal, it can also create some economic refugees. That, I’m afraid, appears to be the case with the trend toward […]

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Where is the Gipper?

January 8, 2012

Tweet Sometimes government reform is actually something else in disguise. I am wondering if that is the case with the recent criticism of Lifeline-Linkup, a program established by Congress and started under the Reagan administration to provide access to communications services for the poorest Americans. Congress and the FCC have long acknowledged the societal and […]

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Detective Broadband: The Nazi Photographer

January 6, 2012

Tweet The photo editors of the New York Times last year were given access to an album of images from World War II. The nature of the pictures suggested the photographer was part of the Nazi machinery, but there was no signature, no proof. Who took the photos? Working in concert with the German magazine […]

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More Wireless Broadband Is What Consumers Want, U.S. Needs to Close the Digital Divide

January 3, 2012

Tweet Susan Crawford is a heroine of mine. Not only is she a distinguished telecom policy scholar, she’s one of the very few who has focused on the digital divide. Her recent New York Times commentary “The New Digital Divide” accurately points out that the nation is at risk if we don’t close the disparate […]

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Using Broadband to Achieve Media Diversity and Equality in the 21st Century

January 1, 2012

Tweet Several studies conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project last year found that a growing number of minorities are participating in the new digital media culture by using both wired and wireless broadband connections. Minorities have long been marginalized in the analog media sector, and new media platforms have the potential to […]

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