April 2012

Recent Media Ownership Filing Makes FCC History

April 6, 2012

Tweet The Diversity and Competition Supporters (DCS) recently filed comments in the Federal Communications Commission’s quadrennial proceeding concerning the FCC’s media ownership rules. In their comments, the group urged the FCC to adopt specific proposals that would advance the interests of minorities and women in the communications industry. This group, numbering 50 organizations including the […]

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The Latest Plays for the ‘Playbook’ on National Adoption of Digital Textbooks

April 4, 2012

Tweet Would getting from New York City to Los Angeles quickly yet safely be better accomplished by driving non-stop for 41 hours or flying non-stop for less than six? The best way to advance our education system is much like the obvious answer to this question. Since technology-based instruction can reduce the time students take […]

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Spectrum Reallocation: How Will the National Broadband Plan’s Goals Be Realized?

April 1, 2012

Tweet As the dialogue on spectrum reallocation problems and solutions continues, Congress has stepped in and experts have continued to weigh in. Major players on the broadcast and wireless side of the spectrum allocation aisle frame the issue as costs or benefits to industry and not in terms representing the crisis as a threat to […]

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