June 2012

Larry Strickling Cites Public Safety FirstNet As New, Post-Stimulus Broadband Opportunity

June 6, 2012

Tweet The new national wireless communications network to serve police, firefighters and other “first responders” may provide a new opportunity to extend broadband stimulus-related activity, a top Commerce Department official said Wednesday. Dubbed FirstNet, this new public safety wireless network was mandated in February by Congress. Lawmakers allocated up to $7 billion that will be […]

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Technological Innovation and the Rise and Spread of the New Gadget-ocracy: iPads, Google Glasses, Tablets, iPhones, e-Readers…and Our Standard of Life

June 4, 2012

Tweet Part I What does technological innovation contribute to improving our standard of life? Questions as such are provoked by the emergence of new hi-tech devices like wearable computer glasses introduced to the public in April. The device integrates artificial intelligence and creates an augmented view of reality for the wearer. The aesthetic appeal and […]

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Benton Foundation Hosts ‘Getting Seniors Online’ Forum

June 2, 2012

Tweet Although seniors represent the largest age group and one of the fastest growing populations in the United States, people over the age of 65 have one of the smallest and slowest broadband adoption rates. Last month, the Benton Foundation and Connected Living – a company that provides technology training and support to seniors living […]

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