INFOGRAPHIC: Graduating with Technology

by Guest Contributor on August 24, 2012

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives: we use it to learn, to shop, to pay bills, and to entertain ourselves. Not surprisingly, younger generations are heavily influenced by computers in a way that changes the way they retain information and the ways they develop opinions about culture. Today 70% of children between the ages of 2-5 can operate a computer mouse, but only 11% of them can tie their own shoes. At the start of the 21st century only half of all school classrooms had Internet access, compared to 98% today. The proliferation and sheer breadth of accessibility that the Internet offers has in many ways redefined the process of “growing up” — this graphic explores this redefinition and provides insight into not just how we learn stuff, but also what we learn from a young age now that we have computers.

Infographics are a powerful new tool that have taken the Web by storm as an effective way to get important and often alarming information across. has shared this one with BBSJ. We thank Hannah Edwards for the submission.

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  • D4G_ESQ

    Well made point about kids and tech. They should be the most digitally literate of all of us.

  • US Trademark Attorney

    Technology has become a huge part of our lives, we use it to learn, to occupy ourselves, to over indulge in media and much more.

  • Patent Infringement

    Well said, now a days kids are spending lots of time in social media. Social media has both positive and negative aspect. However it is a good tool for networking and marketing.

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