November 2012

Cynthia Marshall: AT&T’s Educational Advocate on a Mission to Encourage our Kids

November 7, 2012

Tweet “A good public education saved my life.” Those are the words of Cynthia Marshall, president of AT&T North Carolina. Growing up in a violence-ravaged community as a youth, Cynthia’s mother often told her, “It’s not where you live, but how you live. Education is your ticket out of poverty.” Cynthia’s mother and four educators […]

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Battle of the Bands: The Danger of Pay for Play Radio Performance Royalties

November 4, 2012

Tweet The Major Labels vs. Local Broadcasters The major record labels are again seeking a government mandated performance royalty for each time their songs are played on terrestrial radio. In this old yet reignited battle, the record labels are asking Congress for pay-for-play compensation that is in addition to the enormous promotional value they receive […]

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[Infographic] The Death of Daily Deals: Why the Groupon Bubble is Popping

November 2, 2012

Tweet Infographics are a powerful new tool that have taken the Web by storm as an effective way to get across important and often alarming information. has shared this one with BBSJ. We thank Jen Rhee for the submission. If you’re like most people who budget their spending carefully, you know that when it […]

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