February 2013

Minority Communications Industry Executives and Congressional Members Offer Guidance on Designing Telecom Policy for the Digital Age

February 3, 2013

Tweet Five former and sitting Congressional members recently discussed and provided advice on the best approaches to elevating new telecommunications legislation during the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council’s 2013 Broadband and Social Justice Summit. During the “Designing Telecom and Internet Policy for the Digital Age” panel, recently retired Congressmen Clifford “Cliff” Stearns (R-FL) and Edolphus […]

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Telemedicine: A Force That Can Deliver Healthcare Across the Nation?

February 2, 2013

Tweet Without our health, we are all extremely limited to what we can achieve in life.  I’m a strong believer of this motto.  Health is a fundamental aspect of every person’s life and makes the discussion of healthcare and the delivery of health services that much more important for all Americans.  As we continue to […]

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