Deborah Taylor Tate

The FCC from Hurricanes to Pandemic: Ensuring Communications Sector is at the Table

October 29, 2014

Tweet This article was originally published in The Free State Foundation. On September 18, 2008, I was very proud to provide opening remarks at the first Summit on Pandemic Preparedness. It wasn’t held at the CDC, it was held at the FCC with a huge cross-section of first responders, communications entities, and healthcare professionals. I […]

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History Made at Economic Summit for Women

October 22, 2014

Tweet This article originally appeared in The Tennessean. If politics makes strange bedfellows, then Federal Communications Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and I must be a very odd couple. One black, one white; one Republican, one Democrat. Yet, we forged a unique, bipartisan and loyal friendship in today’s often vitriolic political atmosphere. In fact, our first collaboration […]

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Hon. Deborah Taylor Tate Presents ‘Learner at the Center of a Networked World’ Report at ISTE Conference

September 22, 2014

Tweet During the ISTE Conference this summer, Former FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate announced the release of the “Learner at the Center of a Networked World” Report, created by the Aspen Institute’s Task Force on Learning and the Internet.  The task force of twenty diverse leaders and respected minds in technology, public policy, education, business, […]

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Parents can take common-sense steps to make kids’ screen time beneficial

October 24, 2013

Tweet Technology is transforming lives at school. More teachers are utilizing online resources, have websites or even Facebook pages, and some schools are part of a new pedagogy known as “one to one” in which every student has an individual device. This transformation is challenging for all of us, especially the adults. Today teens are […]

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FCC Reform: Return to the Rule of Law

July 22, 2013

Tweet Congressman Greg Walden should be applauded for doggedly holding a Congressional hearing on the much needed review, reform, and reinventing of FCC procedure and process. He is expected to introduce legislation similar to the FCC Process Reform Act and FCC Consolidated Reporting Act that passed the House of Representatives last year, only to die […]

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Continue Lifeline Reform!

June 30, 2013

Tweet As a former FCC Commissioner – and a strong supporter of a healthy Lifeline program – I was pleased to see the comments that FSF President Randolph May’s recently filed in support of TracFone’s request that the FCC revise its rules regarding the in-person distribution of handsets. There are providers (Nexus and others) who […]

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Former FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate Lauds Interim Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn at Women in Technology Policy Forum

June 9, 2013

Tweet Last week, Hon. Deborah Taylor Tate spoke at the Women in Technology Policy Forum hosted by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. At the forum, a number of dignitaries spoke regarding ICT (information and communications technology) policy, the lack of women in leadership and board positions, and the need for continued emphasis […]

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‘Broadband tax’ will stifle investment in TN

April 14, 2013

Tweet When we see a utility pole, most of us don’t give it much thought. However, those big pine poles are an essential part of our sophisticated communications network and, increasingly, our broadband infrastructure. Poles carry the necessary fiber-optic cables that allow us to connect to vital information and services as well as our loved […]

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Reforming the FCC’s Processes for Digital Age Effectiveness and Efficiency

February 14, 2013

Tweet On January 17, 2013, at the Minority Media and Telecom Council’s annual Broadband and Social Justice Summit in Washington, DC, I had the honor of moderating a panel with two FCC Commissioners, Mignon L. Clyburn and Ajit Pai. While the panel centered on issues regarding minorities and women in both broadcasting and newer platforms, […]

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A Mobile Device is Not Your Grandmother’s Telephone Anymore: It’s a Mobile Health Center

January 13, 2013

Tweet I am in Dubai, holding up a mobile device in front of a large conference of Communications Ministers and industry representatives attending ITU Telecom World 2012. I ask, “What Is This?” They shout out answers in a cacophony of dialects and accents, literally from every corner of the world. While it is still a […]

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