Dorrissa Griffin

TechHire Initiative’s $100 Million Grant Competition Could Lead to More Tech Sector Jobs for the Underserved and Untapped Talented Youth

March 11, 2015

Tweet Every day, businesses across America struggle to fill technology jobs such as Web design, user interface, and software development.  Yet millions of individuals struggle to find work, especially African Americans and Hispanics, who are often at double the unemployment rate of whites.  Through the White House’s new TechHire Initiative, President Obama has issued a […]

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MMTC Civil Rights Roundtable Affirms that Racial Inequality Still Plagues the Nation, Thwarts Media and Telecom Ownership Diversity

July 24, 2013

Tweet A roundtable of top experts and civil rights advocates held during MMTC’s recent Access to Capital and Telecom Policy Conference underscores the continued need for aggressive measures to improve minority participation in the media and telecom industries.  The roundtable, titled “How the Nation’s Civil Rights Organizations Can Win the Restoration of Minority Media and […]

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And the Award Goes to… Dazzling Night of Honors with MMTC

July 15, 2013

Tweet Last week, the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council held its 11th Annual Access to Capital and Telecom Policy Conference, drawing hundreds of participants, both in person and online.  During this year’s awards reception, “Celebrating MMTC’s Success in Advancing Minority Entrepreneurship,” MMTC conferred its first ever Entrepreneur of the Year Award, in addition to its […]

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Digital Literacy Programs: Helping People Know Better and Do Better

April 22, 2013

Tweet Digital literacy is the ability to locate, organize, understand, evaluate, and create information using digital technology.  According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), lack of this vital skill is one of the top three reasons Americans don’t use PCs and the Internet, with 46 percent of non-users responding that they lack the necessary skills. […]

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Usage-Based Pricing Plans Are Essential to Bridging the Digital Divide

December 30, 2012

Tweet Can usage-based Internet pricing create a win-win for low income and minority consumers? Since cost is a predominant factor in encouraging broadband adoption, it can.  Internet service providers are turning to usage-based Internet pricing structures to meet the demands of today’s data thirsty consumers.  Usage-based pricing places the burden on the heaviest users to pay […]

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Facebook’s Next Rocket Booster for Success: Wireless Innovation

May 20, 2012

Tweet Mark Zuckerberg must truly be appreciated for not only what he has done, but for what he is preparing to do. Thanks to Facebook – and a movie – his is one of the most well-known names of the 21st century, and he has become a leader of the digital age.  When he speaks, […]

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The Latest Plays for the ‘Playbook’ on National Adoption of Digital Textbooks

April 4, 2012

Tweet Would getting from New York City to Los Angeles quickly yet safely be better accomplished by driving non-stop for 41 hours or flying non-stop for less than six? The best way to advance our education system is much like the obvious answer to this question. Since technology-based instruction can reduce the time students take […]

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Protect IP Act: Minorities Who Produce It, Should Get Paid For It

October 28, 2011

Tweet Debate has recently centered on the Protect IP Act of 2011, whose fate currently lies in the Senate. While hardly sensationalistic for the headline of the day, the bill has far-reaching impact if passed: it establishes a system for blocking the domain names of non-U.S. based sites that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has […]

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FCC Chairman Genachowski’s Remarks at the 2nd Annual Broadband & Social Justice Summit

February 3, 2011

Tweet MMTC held its second annual Broadband and Social Justice Summit January 20-21, and was proud to welcome all five FCC Commissioners to speak on several topics. Four Commissioners spoke on day two, and Chairman Julius Genachowski paved the way for them on day one, delivering a generally forward-looking speech. Genachowski’s speech focused on the […]

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