MMTC Commends Commissioner Clyburn for Her Support of Diversity in Incentive Auctions

by mmtcbbsj on September 28, 2012

For Immediate Release WASHINGTON, DC, 9/28/2012 – Federal Communications Commissioner Mignon Clyburn delivered remarks today expressing her enthusiasm for diversity in incentive auctions.  The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) is deeply appreciative of Commissioner Clyburn’s support on this critical issue.  In her remarks today, the Commissioner stated:

“I was pleased to see that the NPRM seeks comment on bidding credits, which could create opportunities, for small businesses to acquire wireless spectrum in the forward auction process.  I also appreciate that we are seeking comment on whether those small business credits are sufficient to create opportunities for businesses owned by women and minorities.  At most of my appearances, and in meetings in my office, small business owners and prospective owners, explain to me just how difficult it is to succeed in a down economy.  And while the economy is rapidly improving, these innovative entrepreneurs, and hard-working people find it nearly impossible to get access to capital or find worthwhile inroads to credit.  What we do, today, will further assist us in realizing growth opportunities for these individuals and their ideas.  We should be very proud of that.  Small businesses are the powerful little engines that run America, and I am glad to have a hand in their growth potential.”

In a statement issued yesterday, MMTC commended the Commission for moving quickly to open a rulemaking proceeding on incentive auctions:

“The Commission will invite public comment on auction procedures, including how to structure ownership opportunities for designated entities such as minority entrepreneurs. As MMTC has maintained for over a generation, minority ownership is absolutely as vital to job creation, innovation and opportunity in wireless as it is in broadcasting and cable.  Spectrum has become essential to nearly every element of the nation’s economy.  Universal nationwide wired and wireless broadband networks would be America’s greatest generators of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunity in a generation.”

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MMTC is a national nonprofit organization founded in 1986 to promote and preserve media diversity and equal opportunity in the mass media, telecommunications, and broadband industries.

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