August 2011

Minitel, the French Online Pioneer, Provides Lessons for Us All

August 30, 2011

Tweet For three decades, starting long before Internet access was common, people in France have been doing business, checking the phone directory, and reaching out for information through their beloved Minitel. Not for long. The Minitel, with its slow modem connection and small, primitive screen and keyboard, is making its last circuit through the calendar. […]

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Why Dr. King Would Have Championed Universal Broadband Adoption

August 28, 2011

Tweet As the nation prepares to dedicate Dr. Martin Luther King’s National Memorial, let’s give ourselves this thought experiment: “What would Dr. King be doing today if he were armed the social media and telecommunications technology we take for granted?” As the leading social engineer of the 20th Century, Dr. King understood, as few others […]

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Universities are working to bring ultra-high-speed broadband to college towns

August 25, 2011

Tweet A number of communities could soon find out what broadband can really do. A group of universities around the nation have formed an organization to bring the next generation of broadband to their campuses and — here’s the good part — gigabit-level service to homes and businesses in the surrounding communities. The 29 universities […]

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NAACP: Broadband technology the ‘great equalizer’

August 23, 2011

Tweet At the NAACP, we strive every day to enable African Americans — and all Americans — to secure first-class citizenship. How is that possible in an economy that is transforming itself from industrial to digital — and doing that in Internet time? We’ve concluded that access to broadband — having it available in our […]

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Broadband’s Impact — Seven out of Ten Adults Watching Online Videos

August 21, 2011

Tweet A recent study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project gives new evidence of the expanding reach of broadband Internet access. The Pew study, which looked at Internet usage in May, found that 71 percent of American adults watched online videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video-sharing Web sites, while 66 percent did […]

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Join the Dialogue on Healthy Images for Women and Girls

August 18, 2011

Tweet Last fall, there was one day where most everyone in Washington was in agreement. And that’s a rare sight. The Girl Scouts of the USA, the National Association of Broadcasters, the National Telecommunications and Cable Association, and The Creative Coalition hosted everyone from competing media companies to Democrats and Republicans to spend a day […]

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Commissioner McDowell Speaks on Minority Media Ownership, Advertising Discrimination, Spectrum, and the Universal Service Fund

August 16, 2011

Tweet FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell, who has served on the Commission since 2006, is a champion of policies that promote consumer choice and innovation through increased competition. The Commissioner delivered insightful remarks last month at MMTC’s Access to Capital and Telecommunications Policy Conference – he discussed an array of subjects ranging from his motivation for […]

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Industry Engagement to Advance Multicultural Digital Entrepreneurship and Business Development Opportunities in Broadband and the High Tech Sector: The Government’s Role

August 14, 2011

Tweet This article concludes our three-part series on government and corporate industry engagement. For the past two weeks, we have looked at initiatives telecommunications companies have been taking to advance multicultural digital entrepreneurship, initiatives that are critical in today’s ever-changing digital society. The government plays a vital role as well. At MMTC’s annual conference last […]

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Henry Rivera Speaks on Expanding Internet Access: Broadband’s Role in Creating Jobs and Closing the Digital Divide

August 11, 2011

Tweet Last week, Henry Rivera spoke at the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement’s 2011 Educational Conference. His remarks follow. The role of broadband in creating jobs and closing the digital divide is an issue that is critical to all of us. In the few minutes I have with you, I would like to give […]

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Diversity and Inclusion Must Remain at the Forefront for Media Ownership and Mergers

August 9, 2011

Tweet Diversity and inclusion are among our nation’s founding principles. Though we understand that these principles weren’t perfectly applied while forming this “more perfect union,” it is clear that diversity and inclusion enhance the American experience. There is no greater place where this is evident than in media and telecommunications, an industry that is responsible […]

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