November 2011

Egypt’s eRevolution: How Bloggers Changed the 21st Century

November 30, 2011

Tweet Since Egypt’s uprising against its oppressive militant government in recent years, popular Egyptian blog Manal and Alaa’s Bit Bucket has depicted the crackdown on the wave of anti-regime protests. The blog has provided a vivid play-by-play of sorts as Egyptian opposition activists were jailed, beaten, and murdered in the streets during their quest for […]

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Driving Energy Smart Grid Innovation through Broadband

November 28, 2011

Tweet November’s Broadband Breakfast and panel discussion drew a packed crowd Tuesday morning as industry lawyers, lobbyists and experts filed into Clyde’s to hear from the White House, telecoms, energy management companies and utilities about the challenges and efficiencies that lies ahead with “The Smart Grid and Broadband.” Nick Sinai, Senior Advisor to White House’s […]

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FCC Should Pursue Solutions to Make Lifeline an Effcient Job Line

November 25, 2011

Tweet Over the years, I’ve written a lot about the Lifeline-Linkup program which – thankfully and finally – is part of the overall USF Reform being undertaken by the FCC. As a former FCC Commissioner and Federal Joint Board Chair, I had really hoped to start the “reform” back in December 2009; however, better late […]

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Stop Online Piracy Act is Topic of Recent Congressional Hearing

November 22, 2011

Tweet “I have always stood by artists, and it is for this reason that I want to see the Stop Online Piracy Act become law. The bill is of vital importance to protecting American jobs and artisans, protecting the American consumers from dangerous counterfeits, and ensuring the very vitality of American culture,” said U.S. Rep. […]

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Florida Tells the Unemployed, If You Want Benefits, You Have to Go Online

November 21, 2011

Tweet In Florida, if you lose your job, you need to get online. The state’s new policy requires anyone seeking unemployment benefits to apply online. This is a cost-saving move — Florida officials estimate it could save taxpayers $4.7 million a year. Going online means there are fewer state employees required to process applications. Florida […]

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What About the Wealth Gap?

November 18, 2011

Tweet The National Telecommunications and Information Administration, along with the Department of Commerce’s Economics and Statistics Administration, has recently issued “Exploring the Digital Nation – Computer and Internet Use at Home,” a report which reflects findings of a survey gauging household broadband Internet adoption rates across the nation. While the study indicates that 70 percent […]

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Senate Kicks Net Neutrality to the Curb – and to the Courts

November 16, 2011

Tweet Net neutrality proponents didn’t worry about their Twitter traffic being throttled as they celebrated a recent victory handed to them by the Senate. The chamber rejected a joint resolution that would have repealed net neutrality rules issued last December by the Federal Communications Commission. Net neutrality is a concept based on an open and […]

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Smart Cities: Mayors Can Transition Their Municipalities into Tech Savvy Cities of the Future

November 14, 2011

Tweet The digital future is nigh and long gone are the days where antiquated methods and ideas are sufficient to run a U.S. city. Mayors must enter 2012 with a big picture vision of the future of their city as a whole and the constituents that comprise that city. They must ensure that they not […]

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Democracy Online

November 11, 2011

Tweet With the Iowa straw poll now well behind us, Americans are ankle deep in the 2012 presidential campaign, and the waters are rising fast. This campaign, like the last, will be a proving ground for innovations in the use of digital communications, social media, and the Web. This investment by the candidates creates unprecedented […]

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FCC Chair: ‘Get Our Broadband Infrastructure Right’

November 9, 2011

Tweet Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski laid out in recent remarks the regulatory agency’s role in delivering broadband and broadband services to the nation. Delivering probably his most poignant speech on broadband deployment and job growth, Genachowski cited the FCC’s National Broadband Plan. The plan, which was delivered to Congress in March 2010, highlights […]

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