May 2012

Blog Talk Radio Brings Black Media Full Circle

May 31, 2012

Tweet It’s Wednesday evening and from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Miguel Lloyd hits the airwaves bringing his commentary and perspective on events impacting the minority community. Miguel Lloyd. Miguel Lloyd? Is he with Clear Channel? MSNBC? FOX? No. No. Definitely not. Mr. Lloyd is definitely burning a new path in media via the Internet, a curve […]

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David Honig Alerts the Nation’s Leaders to the Current Trends on Spectrum Shortage and African Americans at the World Conference of Mayors

May 28, 2012

Tweet Last week, MMTC co-founder and President David Honig took time away from planning MMTC’s Annual Conference to educate the leaders of America’s municipalities about spectrum at the World Conference of Mayors Broadband Symposium in Tuskegee, AL.   Since many of the attendees knew very little about what spectrum was and why it is important to […]

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What Is So Difficult About Sharing A Database?

May 27, 2012

Tweet The following article originally appeared on The Free State Foundation. Access to voice services is important. Lifeline is a federal program for ensuring that low-income consumers have the same access we all do. This is one of the few federal programs that is transparent and targeted directly to low-income users themselves. These features distinguish […]

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Obama’s Internet Effort Goes High-Speed

May 25, 2012

Tweet Three cheers (almost!) for Tom Power, the President’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Telecommunications.  Speaking recently at an event hosted by the Georgetown Center for Business & Public Policy, Power crystallized the Administration’s focus on improving access to the wireless web. As the President who assembled “the most technologically sophisticated campaign in history” and […]

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National Coalition on Black Civic Participation Celebrates Our Brothers and the Spirit of Democracy

May 21, 2012

Tweet The presidential debates haven’t started yet, the Democratic and Republican conventions are still months away, several states and national organizations are battling voter suppression laws, and organizations dedicated to voter suppression have already begun cropping up.  Needless to say, this election year is shaping up to be a big one, and organizations like the […]

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Facebook’s Next Rocket Booster for Success: Wireless Innovation

May 20, 2012

Tweet Mark Zuckerberg must truly be appreciated for not only what he has done, but for what he is preparing to do. Thanks to Facebook – and a movie – his is one of the most well-known names of the 21st century, and he has become a leader of the digital age.  When he speaks, […]

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Digital Divide A Bit Smaller, But There’s Work To Be Done

May 18, 2012

Tweet This week, the National Urban League released a report, “Connecting the Dots:  Linking Broadband Adoption to Job Creation and Job Competitiveness.”  In a period in which the economic news, particularly for minorities, is often grim, this report is unalloyed good news.  In just one year, African Americans have narrowed the gap in adopting broadband […]

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Anonymous Trolling: How Does Online Racism Affect Broadband Adoption?

May 13, 2012

Tweet Part II: Breaking the Barriers The rise of the Internet and its accompanying forums, message boards, and comment areas has brought with it Internet trolls.  While some trolls post inflammatory remarks for the sole purpose of getting a rise out of other users for “lulz,” others do so simply because the Internet grants them […]

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Broadband Internet Access and Human Rights: A Matter of Urgency, Not of Definition

May 11, 2012

Tweet Current events around the globe are proving that Internet access allows people to exercise a range of human and civil rights. An  opinion editorial by highly regarded Internet Scholar Vinton Cerf has sparked debate about whether the definition of human and civil rights can include Internet access. However, the issue of whether Internet access […]

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The Future of Privacy in a Social Media and Networking World

May 9, 2012

Tweet The following article by Chris Naoum originally appeared on Broadband Breakfast. First search, then social media, and now privacy concerns?  The digital world has transformed the way consumers access content; one can search an article they are interested in, subscribe to Google Reader, follow a friend’s recommendation from Twitter or read an article a […]

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