July 2011

Industry Engagement to Advance Multicultural Digital Entrepreneurship and Business Development Opportunities in Broadband and the High Tech Sector: A Look at AT&T

July 31, 2011

Tweet This article is the first in a three-part series on government and corporate industry engagement. Look for the Part II of the series next week! In our increasingly digital society, digital entrepreneurship is becoming ever more prevalent. In the shift from an agricultural to an industrial society, minorities missed out and fell behind due […]

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Supplier Diversity Plays a Vital Role in Telecom Procurement

July 28, 2011

Tweet These are unparalleled times in the telecommunications industry. Despite the slow economy, U.S. businesses have increased spending on telecommunications services, and this phenomenon shows no signs of slowing in the near future. Supplier diversity, however, seems to be the ideal habitat to an uncharacteristic genre of economics – exclusion. According to a recent report […]

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Marc Morial on Broadband, Urban League and AT&T Merger: “Every Issue is Our Business”

July 26, 2011

Tweet Moments before a meeting with President Barack Obama focused on the National Urban League’s Job Initiative, the organization’s President and CEO Marc Morial delivered a rousing address during Thursday’s Broadband Adoption Luncheon at the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council’s 9th Annual Access to Capital and Telecommunications Policy Conference. “America is in crisis today when […]

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Coming to Terms with the Minority High Tech Employment Gap

July 24, 2011

Tweet The aftershocks of the massive economic earthquake that was the Great Recession continue to reverberate, sometimes violently, across the United States. The unemployment rate, especially within communities of color, remains too high. Job creation is stagnant. We’re currently facing yet another potential economic calamity – national default if we fail to raise the debt […]

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MMTC’s 25th Birthday Kicks Off with Priceless – and Passionate – Dialogue

July 21, 2011

Tweet The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council’s Annual Access to Capital and Telecommunications Policy Conference is off to a great start. Day one speakers and participants were passionate about matters in telecom and entrepreneurship training. During the Congressional and Telecom Policy Breakfast, Congressman Bobby Rush delivered remarks emphasizing the importance of small businesses to our […]

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Communications Change — But Not the Need for Diversity in the Industry

July 20, 2011

Tweet Twenty-five years ago, a small number of activists grew concerned that minority Americans were playing too small a role in guiding and shaping a very important industry — media and telecommunications. From that concern came the establishment of the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council, now recognized as the nation’s leading advocate for minority advancement […]

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The Kerner Commission’s Unfinished Business: Broadband Access Emerges as This Era’s Civil Rights Issue

July 19, 2011

Tweet On July 21, 2011, MMTC confers the prestigious Hall of Fame Award upon Jannette Dates, a lifetime advocate, educator, and critical commentator on the images of African Americans in the media. She has gracefully shared with us her inspirational words of acceptance and on the importance of bridging the digital divide. This nation has […]

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The Importance of Cybersecurity Training

July 17, 2011

Tweet This May, the Obama Administration unveiled two pieces of cybersecurity legislation, both of which seek to protect critical industries and consumers from harmful online attacks. Two years in the making, these legislative initiatives confirm that broadband users in the U.S. require additional online protections from attacks meant to disrupt commerce and undermine national security. […]

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Congressman Rangel Offers Spirited Comments in Virtual Town Hall

July 14, 2011

Tweet This article highlighting Congressman Rangel’s stance on many issues, including broadband policy, access, and technology, originally appeared in Politic365. Ordinary citizens were able to participate online and over the phone to ask the congressman direct questions about issues important to them – a powerful illustration of the power of broadband to enhance civic engagement […]

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How Your Internet Bill Helps Netflix — and Hurts the Poor

July 12, 2011

Tweet Netflix, the Los Gatos, California, company that provides movies online or by mail, has come out against metered digital delivery or limits on consumer broadband use. There is no need to charge more for heavy Internet usage, Netflix argued in an op-ed article in Friday’s Wall Street Journal, because broadband is easily and cheaply […]

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