September 2011

Spotlight on Commerce: Anna M. Gomez, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information

September 30, 2011

Tweet To continue our observance of Hispanic Heritage Month, below are words by Anna M. Gomez on her childhood, career in communications law, and the importance of broadband adoption. Gomez was BBSJ’s Geek of the Week earlier this year. As Deputy Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, I serve essentially as the Chief […]

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Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating Latino Digital Opportunity

September 29, 2011

Tweet In celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, we are reminded of the progress made, and the struggles ahead for America’s fastest-growing community. This month, we celebrate the accomplishments of Latinos in politics, business, and every American sphere. Latinos have progressed, and continue to grow in buying power, educational attainment and number. The work of ensuring Latino […]

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A News Clip Airing the Use of ‘N Word’ Still Raises Eyebrows More Than a Year Later, Underscores Persistent Need for Greater Newsroom Diversity

September 27, 2011

Tweet Picture this: A leading, mainstream news station airs a story about an African American 103-year-old woman who, in 2010, was still driving her two-tone 1979 Cadillac Coupe Deville. The cadence and diction of the newscaster narrating the story seems to deviate from the form it usually takes. The newscaster lets viewers know the that […]

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Schools enter digital conversation: Educating kids on social networking is best solution

September 25, 2011

Tweet With the beginning of a new school year, our children face new situations, from moving to a different location to meeting new teachers or deciding who to invite to homecoming. In this digital, high-tech, always-on world, they also face a whole new set of challenges of cyberspace. Our children increasingly live their lives online: […]

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Telecom Asset Acquisitions and Transactions Promote Minority Wealth

September 22, 2011

Tweet The way that minorities and women gain first class digital citizenship certainly involves building wealth. The sale or acquisition of telecom assets is a key driving force behind this endeavor. Customer lists, spectrum, and physical entities – such as towers and stores – individually present an opportunity to create a solid business. The ability […]

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Troy Davis Decision: Civil Rights Groups ‘Appalled and Outraged’

September 20, 2011

Tweet Editor’s Note: In our article last week, “Can Technology Save an Innocent Man from Death Row?” we discussed the far-reaching impact of social media on this case. MMTC President and Executive Director David Honig stated, “[This] will present a potentially history-making test, if ever there was one, of the power of broadband technology in […]

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Congressman Clyburn Stresses Importance of Training for High Tech ‘Jobs of the Future’ and Broadband Access at Recent Town Hall

September 18, 2011

Tweet At a recent virtual town hall meeting hosted by, U.S. Representative James E. Clyburn, D-South Carolina, stressed the importance of training Americans for high-tech jobs and bringing broadband access to underserved Americans. “I don’t think we put enough focus on training people for jobs of the future,” said Clyburn. The Congressman said he […]

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Can Technology Save an Innocent Man from Death Row?

September 15, 2011

Tweet As many decry the sufficiency and reliability of the evidence used to convict Troy Davis for murder and place him on Georgia’s Death Row, the NAACP is organizing efforts to try to save him before his execution, scheduled for Sept. 21. The organization’s efforts evoke the many stories of those in this country’s history […]

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Blair Levin Delivers Insightful Remarks on USF Reform

September 13, 2011

Tweet This Monday, Aspen Institute Fellow Blair Levin, who led the FCC team that wrote the National Broadband Plan, joined us at a special MMTC/Broadband & Social Justice Institute Public Forum to discuss Universal Service Fund reform. His remarks follow. A few months ago, on the one-year anniversary of the National Broadband Plan, I gave […]

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Cyber-Terrorism Now Biggest Security Concern, Study Finds

September 11, 2011

Tweet At a recent speaking event, Janet Napolitano, the secretary of homeland security stated, “The U.S. has become ‘categorically safer’ since 9/11, but cyber-terrorism now tops the list of security concerns.” Her view is shared by the Bipartisan Policy Center’s National Security Preparedness Group. “Ten years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the […]

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