February 2011

ConvergeUS: The Newest Outlet for Technology-Based Social Innovation

February 27, 2011

Tweet On February 23, 2011, the launch of a new non-profit aptly named ConvergeUS made waves in Washington, DC’s tech and policy communities. Founded by technology and social innovation entrepreneurs Rey Ramsey and Biz Stone, ConvergeUS will “leverage the collective power of the technology sector to accelerate social innovation in collaboration with nonprofit organizations, government […]

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Letter to FCC Chairman Genachowski on the Commission’s Civil Rights Record and 2011 Budget

February 24, 2011

Tweet Just over a year ago – on February 16, 2010 – 23 national organizations (generally including those signing below) wrote to ask why the FCC had made such slow progress on minority entrepreneurship and equal employment issues. We stated: “[In] Section 257 of the Communications Act, Congress requires the Commission to submit triennial reports […]

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The Next Generation of Public Safety: Securing a National Mobile Network

February 22, 2011

Tweet Sometimes things happen in Washington that fly below the radar of local communities, even though they could directly impact us all. One of those issues pending before Congress centers on what to do about modernizing the nation’s communications network for America’s emergency first responders. In recent years, we’ve seen too many instances of how […]

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Mapping the Way Forward: NTIA Releases Interactive Broadband Map

February 20, 2011

Tweet On February 17th, the National Telecommunications & Information Association (NTIA) released two resources that will add more fuel to the already raging fire surrounding the issues of broadband availability and adoption. First, NTIA released the results of an historic undertaking by federal and state level stakeholders to document broadband availability in the United States. […]

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My Valentine’s Day with Rural Telcos: Know Hope

February 17, 2011

Tweet This article by Blair Levin originally appeared on the Innovation Policy Blog. It is no secret that rural phone companies are not fond of the Broadband Plan or me. (The enmity is not mutual. I have great respect for them but think the universal service system on which they have come to depend is […]

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Low Income Cell Phone Customers Can Think for Themselves

February 15, 2011

Tweet Do you buy food? How would you like it if the Department of Agriculture required you to buy bean curd and steak, cheese wiz and caviar, as well as liquor and green tea so you wouldn’t be denied the “full grocery experience?” Do you drive? How would you like it if the Department of […]

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MMTC Releases Study on Lack of Minorities on State Public Utility Commissions

February 13, 2011

Tweet This week, Marcella Gadson presented a study on the penetration of minorities and women on state Public Utility Commissions, prepared by MMTC. Her remarks are below. Thank you to NARUC (National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners) and UMAP (Utility Marketplace Access Program) for having us here to present our study at your Winter Meeting. […]

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Blair Levin on Broadband: “To Complete the Transition to the Digital Age, Abandon Yesterday’s Logic”

February 10, 2011

Tweet At MMTC’s Broadband and Social Justice Summit in January, Blair Levin delivered some insightful words on the best way to complete the transition to the digital age. His remarks are below. The topic: how to complete the transition to the digital age. Six words suffice: Abandon yesterday’s logic; quickly and passionately. Let me explain. […]

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MMTC Statement on the President’s Wireless Plan

February 10, 2011

Tweet The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) supports President Barack Obama’s plan to build out America’s high-speed wireless services. Minorities’ window to the broadband world is via wireless. According to the Pew Hispanic Center’s Latinos and Digital Technology Report, released this Tuesday, 51 percent of African American cell phone users and 40 percent of […]

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Members of the Broadband Opportunity Coalition: How the NAACP is Promoting Broadband Adoption

February 8, 2011

Tweet This article continues our series on BBOC member organizations. Look for more over the next few weeks! The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is working to bring broadband to homes in the African-American community and beyond. For over 100 years, this dynamic civil rights organization has worked for equality for […]

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