December 2010

Foreign Ownership in U.S. Media and Telecommunications Companies and Why the FCC Is Reluctant to Allow it to Happen

December 30, 2010

Tweet With the increase in globalization comes many opportunities. Opportunities for the exchange of ideas, viewpoints, strategies, and most noticeably, currency. With monies easily flowing across the seas come the opportunities for overseas companies to invest in U.S. companies. From Anheuser-Busch and Citgo to Good Humor and 7-Eleven, many companies have significant foreign ownership, despite […]

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Will the FCC’s Digital-Conversion Deadline Pull the Plug on Low-Power Television?

December 28, 2010

Tweet When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1982 created a new class of broadcast television — low-power stations — the idea was to create opportunities for more diverse programs and more diverse ownership. In short, the experiment was a success. But these stations are now threatened, however, by unintended consequences of television’s switch to […]

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How to Get Action from City Hall Online

December 26, 2010

Tweet If anyone thinks government on all levels doesn’t pay attention to the web, just ask Antonio French. French knows the power of using the Internet to get the government to act, both as a citizen and as an elected official. Prior to becoming a St. Louis alderman, he creatively navigated the web more than […]

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Broadband: The “It” Gift of This Year’s Holiday Season

December 23, 2010

Tweet This year, instead of shelling out your hard-earned paycheck for toys, games, or other luxury items, treat yourself or your family to a gift that can deliver information, entertainment, and provide access to opportunities like education and jobs. I’m talking about High Speed Internet. It is the ultimate bargain gift. No, I am not […]

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All Americans Do Not Have Access to Broadband Services – Have We Forgotten Puerto Rico?

December 21, 2010

Tweet Implementation of the National Broadband Plan (NBP) in Puerto Rico has thus far proven to be a significant hurdle for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The NBP was well received by the telecommunications and technology industries, policymakers, and several leading national Hispanic, Asian, and African American groups, all of which are quickly realizing that, […]

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Distance Learning is the Future — But for Everyone?

December 19, 2010

Tweet For those who don’t spend time on college campuses, the changes in higher education are largely unseen. Step into the classroom, however, and you quickly see that technology is aiding the learning experience in a big way, with computer-generated learning tools used routinely by professors and students. The biggest change is even less obvious […]

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The Smartphone Crash of Y2K13

December 16, 2010

Tweet Boom!!!! I’m not talking about a car wreck or a plane crash. This is a result of a digital spectrum crash due to overloaded mobile network channels and little spectrum phone coverage. Imagine what would happen if we weren’t able to login to our emails, watch mobile music videos, or make a 911 rescue […]

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Protecting the Digital Elite Keeps Americans Offline

December 14, 2010

Tweet For months, during the ongoing net neutrality debate, the positions of the national civil rights organizations have been largely distorted. As the Federal Communications Commission inches closer to a solution on this issue, attacks on the ability of civil rights leaders to make autonomous decisions persist. Such attacks, however, are merely distractions and do […]

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Where Do You Go When the Library is Closed?

December 12, 2010

Tweet Go ahead. I dare you. Unplug your computer and see how you like it. That’s right — no YouTube, no Amazon, no Politic365, no BBSJ, no job site. Enjoying the disconnect? I didn’t think so. But that’s modern life for millions of Americans – those without broadband Internet access at home. For these […]

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How to Sustain Innovation in the Wireless Sector

December 9, 2010

Tweet Innovation in our nation’s wireless sector has been one of few bright spots during an otherwise dreary economic downturn. In the teeth of the worst recession in decades, consumer demand has driven innovators to introduce an array of cutting-edge new tools like the iPad and other advanced devices that have the capability and functionality […]

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