April 2012

White House Correspondents’ Reception Celebrates Diversity in the Media

April 29, 2012

Tweet Nestled in the heart of D.C. overlooking the White House, some of media’s elite gathered at the 3rd Annual “Our Voices: Celebrating Diversity in the Media White House Correspondents’ Weekend Reception” last Friday.  The reception was held on the rooftop of the Hay-Adams Hotel, where guests were able to enjoy the evening’s festivities while […]

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The War on Voters’ Rights Can be Fought Online

April 27, 2012

Tweet Earlier this year, National Urban League President Marc Morial declared, “In 2012, the right to vote is under attack.” And last month craigconnects, craigslist founder Craig Newmark’s online initiative that features nonprofits using technology for social good, published an infographic to illustrate how more than five million eligible voters’ rights are under fire. The […]

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AT&T Continues to Inspire with Aspire Initiative

April 25, 2012

Tweet As we all are aware, many students struggle every day in school. And too often their struggles can overwhelm, leading them to drop out of school altogether. The dropout crisis is real. Many nonprofits, community groups, and others are working to reduce the number of students failing to graduate from high school. One such […]

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Using Broadband to Boost Your Business’s Bottom Line

April 23, 2012

Tweet Part II: Using Social Media to Promote Your Business In a world where African Americans and other minorities face extreme difficulty creating tech-based companies, it is important for would-be entrepreneurs to create their own solutions.  At the Black Women’s Roundtable’s recent financial workshop, Linking Broadband Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, several black tech entrepreneurs and […]

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Smart Cookies: A Century of Girl Scouts Cultivating Women Who Lead

April 20, 2012

Tweet Last month, the Girl Scouts of the USA achieved a major milestone, turning 100 years old.  Boasting a membership of more than 3.2 million, it is the largest organization for girls in the world.  Since its inception by Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low in 1912, more than 50 million women in our country have participated […]

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Facebook, AOL and Your Intellectual Property

April 18, 2012

Tweet The following article by Alton Drew originally appeared on Politic365. Facebook was back in the news last week. Its purchase of Instagram, a social networking site where subscribers put up pictures, caused a bit of a stir given the purchase price of $ 1 billion. It’s interesting because Instagram only has 12 employees. But, […]

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Using Broadband to Boost Your Business’s Bottom Line

April 15, 2012

Tweet Exactly how important is social media to achieving success for your start-up business?  How can we get more African Americans educated on the benefits of technology?  What are the emerging business opportunities enabled by broadband?  A panel of broadband industry experts recently addressed these and other important questions at the Black Women’s Roundtable’s financial […]

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Mr. Public Interest: MMTC Honors Former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps

April 14, 2012

Tweet On April 12, the Minority Media & Telecommunications Council and friends gathered at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association to honor former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps for his service and commitment to civil rights in the communications industries. In 1970, Commissioner Copps’ arrival in Washington began a remarkable career that would herald the return […]

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RIM, RIP: How BlackBerry Lost its Way, and How iPhones and iPads are Tapping to Success

April 11, 2012

Tweet This article by Drew Clark was originally posted on Broadband Breakfast. I admit to being taken in yesterday by Google’s April Fools prank – Gmail Tap. This priceless video promises to bring Morse code back for the smart phone era. Gmail Tap hit a powerful nerve: how to make smart phones more useful for […]

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Is the Tech Industry Biased Against Minorities?

April 8, 2012

Tweet Historically, most of our nation’s most lucrative industries and institutions were not so friendly toward recruiting, admitting, hiring, and promoting people of color.  However, with mandates such as Equal Employment Opportunity, affirmative action, and overall fair hiring and recruiting practices, one would think that America’s practices of institutional racism would have disappeared by now. […]

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