March 2012

Fighting the modern-day fire-eaters: A look back to the origins of the Confederacy

March 29, 2012

Tweet As early as the 1840s, the term fire-eaters was applied to an outspoken group of Southern, pro-slavery extremists who often used distorted, and even completely untrue, language in their rhetoric.  Sound familiar? While today’s polarized and outspoken groups aren’t exactly “pro-slavery extremists,” the behavior does ring a bell eerily close to home.  But easy […]

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John Payton, Civil Rights Pioneer and NAACP President, Dead at 65

March 26, 2012

Tweet Last Thursday, civil rights advocate and legendary attorney John Payton passed away after a brief illness.  He was 65.  Payton has left a legacy to which very few can compare, but many can admire.  Payton led the way in some of the most groundbreaking civil rights battles of recent memory.  Payton is survived by […]

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A Deeper Look into Wireless Spectrum Capacity and Its Effect on Device Performance and Consumers: A Response to CNNMoney Tech’s Spectrum Series

March 25, 2012

Tweet Part IV: Are There Any Solutions? As our nation faces an impending spectrum shortage, experts are putting forth solutions on how to avert the crisis.  In a CNNMoney Tech article, David Goldman left his readers with a few methods that are allowing the industry to stave off the spectrum crisis: First Method Cell splitting […]

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Genachowski’s New Public-Private Initiative

March 23, 2012

Tweet The following article by Malik Shareef originally appeared on When the FCC unveiled their National Broadband Plan in 2010, the primary goal was to improve broadband Internet access throughout the United States. The plan sought to provide 100 million American households with access to 100 Mbit/s connections by the year 2020.  President Barack […]

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AT&T Invests $250 Million to Educate At-Risk Youth with Aspire Initiative

March 21, 2012

Tweet It is an unfortunate fact, but nearly one-fourth of all students—and nearly forty percent of African-American, Hispanic, and Native American students—fail to graduate with their class.  In an effort to combat those numbers, AT&T launched its “Aspire Initiative” in 2008, which is specifically focused on confronting the high school dropout crisis and to help […]

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‘RLJ Rules’ – With Innovative OppsPlace Solution to Bridge the Racial Wealth Gap

March 18, 2012

Tweet Rather than just acknowledging the 20:1 racial wealth gap between white and black Americans, Bob Johnson – founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), chairman of The RLJ Companies, and serial entrepreneur – has put his money where his mouth is. On Feb. 1, Johnson, in collaboration with Ariel M. Friedler, president of Symplicity Corporation, […]

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A Deeper Look into Wireless Spectrum Capacity and Its Effect on Device Performance and Consumers: A Response to CNNMoney Tech’s Spectrum Series

March 16, 2012

Tweet PART III: Is Consolidation Key? Is consolidation the key?  Everyone fights the idea.  They say that it’s bad for consumers because there will be a lack of competition.  But will there be a viable alternative?  If companies can’t afford to outbid AT&T or Verizon or quickly build out their spectrum, would they be using […]

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When an ROI 500 Times Better than Goldman Isn’t Enough: Reallocating Our Focus on Reallocating Spectrum

March 14, 2012

Tweet Blair Levin, Aspen Institute Fellow and architect of the National Broadband Plan, made the following remarks at MMTC’s open forum on spectrum earlier this month. The government invested about $20 million in a national broadband plan.  Just one of the ideas from that plan—an idea no one had previously proposed—was adopted and scored by […]

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The Digital Divide and the Racial Wealth Gap: Why Supporting Minority Business Enterprise is an Answer for Both

March 11, 2012

Tweet We are currently facing the greatest threat to first class citizenship, competitiveness, economic growth, and moral fiber as a nation since segregation. A deep digital divide – a chasm between those who have and have not yet adopted broadband – exists at a critical point in our nation’s history where we are transitioning from […]

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Comcast’s New Initiatives Strive to Improve Broadband Adoption and Minority Ownership

March 10, 2012

Tweet Comcast has announced developments concerning two of its initiatives that are aimed to increase broadband adoption and minority ownership. The company has provided progress updates on its Internet Essentials program and its promise to launch ten independently owned minority networks.   According to David L. Cohen, executive vice president of Comcast, these initiatives stem from […]

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