MMTC Files Letter in Support of Chairman Wheeler’s Open Internet Proposal

by mmtcbbsj on May 13, 2014

The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council filed the following ex parte letter with the FCC today expressing support for Chairman Wheeler’s reasonable approach to Open Internet regulations.

Dear Ms. Dortch:

RE: Notice of Ex Parte Communication, Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet (GN Docket No. 14-28)

This letter reports on a May 12, 2014 call with Ruth Milkman, Chief of Staff for the Chairman, and Daniel Alvarez, Legal Advisor to the Chairman on Wireline, Public Safety, and Homeland Security. David Honig, President, and Joycelyn James, Senior Counsel, represented MMTC.

MMTC supports the Chairman’s reasonable, middle ground Open Internet proposal with its emphasis on greater transparency and on the use of Section 706. The Chairman’s approach would deter abuse while not discouraging investment, innovation and, especially, universal broadband access.

We called attention to our November 2013 White Paper, which details why broadband policy should place a much greater emphasis on minority entrepreneurship and digital inclusion.[1]

MMTC believes that policies that will end fast broadband redlining, modernize the E-rate, facilitate telemedicine and mobile health innovation, and expand broadband employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for people of color cannot continue to be placed on hold while the debate over net regulation continues to “consume all of the energies and time that must be devoted to these aforementioned issues.”[2]

Respectfully submitted,

David Honig


[1] See David Honig, Esq., Nicole Turner Lee, Ph.D., Refocusing Broadband Policy: The New Opportunity Agenda For People Of Color, Nov. 21, 2013, available at (last visited May 12, 2014). “The current debate centered over whether and how the FCC might regulate the Internet has largely overshadowed the adoption crisis.” Id. at 10.

[2] Id. at 4.

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