November 2012

Statement of David Honig, MMTC President, On the FCC’s Media Ownership Proceeding

November 29, 2012

Tweet November 29, 2012 – Several parties in this proceeding have encouraged the Commission to grant additional time to consider the impact of some of the Commission’s proposals on minority ownership.  I believe that thirty additional days for the parties to file comments on that issue and others would be beneficial; for example, a twenty-day […]

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Adelstein Continues Work to Ensure Diversity and Inclusion

November 27, 2012

Tweet For the past 25 years, Jonathan Adelstein has worked in the public sector in a variety of roles including serving as an Federal Communications Commission Commissioner and, most recently, as the 17th Administrator of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service (RUS). Through its facilities grant programs, RUS brings broadband to rural states […]

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Livingston’s Lauds: Cyber Monday Electronics Deals You Shouldn’t Miss

November 25, 2012

Tweet If you’re anything like me, you avoided the inevitable chaos that was Black Friday like the plague.  Sure, curiosity might have prompted you to look through circulars or visit your favorite stores online, but nothing, and I mean nothing, could have gotten you to venture out at 3 a.m. to shop.  For those of […]

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FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai Shares Support, Solutions for Minorities in Communications Industry

November 23, 2012

Tweet Just six months into his four-year term as a Federal Communications Commissioner, Ajit Pai is more than ready to deal with issues that will help increase the number of minority broadcast station owners, breathe back life into AM radio, and allow more wireless data providers to deliver their services to minority communities. In an […]

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November 20, 2012

Tweet Where do the nation’s minority groups – the most intensive consumers of radio and television – stand now in ownership of radio and television stations? Thanks to the FCC, we now know the answer, and it’s not pretty.  People of color – 36% of the population – own just 5.1% of commercial full power […]

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The 51st State: What Puerto Rican Statehood Could Mean for Telecommunications on the Island

November 18, 2012

Tweet What could it mean for Puerto Rico’s digital divide if Congress, and America, fully welcomed the island nation into our fold?  Two weeks ago, while the rest of the country was heavily anticipating election results, Puerto Rican voters were quietly casting their ballots for the first time in 45 years in favor of the […]

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The Past, Present, and Future of Consumer Communications: The IP Transition

November 17, 2012

Tweet Louisiana State Senator Sharon Weston Broome, the president of the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative/Women (NOBEL/Women), contributed this article. NOBEL/Women is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization primarily composed of current and former black women legislators as well as appointed officials. The traditional ‘home phone’ is quickly becoming a rarity, yet the regulations shaping our […]

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AT&T’s Additional $14B High Speed Broadband Investment Deserves Our Support

November 14, 2012

Tweet What are two good reasons why consumers need regulatory protection?  The answer:  to prevent market failure, and to protect civil rights.  But if there’s one place where intense regulation does not belong, it’s at the buildout stage of a new disruptive technology, when the key should be to gain the confidence and willingness of […]

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Media D*versity

November 12, 2012

Tweet Media advocacy has always focused on the shortcomings of regulators and media giants.  Although the faults of both regulators and the media industry are significant, advocates rarely discuss the role candidates for national office might play in rousing interest in media diversity among the electorate. How long should we wait for a regulatory or […]

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MMTC Commends AT&T’s Investment of $14 Billion In Broadband Infrastructure

November 8, 2012

Tweet For Immediate Release – WASHINGTON DC, 11/7/12 – The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) praises AT&T’s recent announcement that it will invest $14 billion over the next three years in both wired and wireless broadband build out as part of its new Project Velocity IP (Project VIP).  This major commitment by one of […]

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